[Tweeters] Purple finches anyone?

Bob Norton norton36 at olypen.com
Wed Jun 4 21:08:29 PDT 2008

Here in suburban Joyce 14 miles west of Port Angeles, Purple Finches are
common most of the year outnumbering House Finches. As I'm losing my high
hearing but going out with Judy Mullally with excellent hearing and great
memory, I find her hearing Purple Finches in new areas such as Port Angeles
and other spots where she has not heard them before.
Bob Norton
norton36 at olypen.com
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA
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From: Rob Conway
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I have many Purple Finches here in Preston/Fall City (not far from
Sammamish)- as a matter of fact I'm surprised when I find House Finches
rather than Purple when the ID is first established via visual rather than
sound. There are Purple Finches nesting somewhere nearby (neighbors lot?)
as I've seen them mating, carrying nest material and just this week foraging
for and carrying away insects and other small creatures.

Cheers and good birding

Rob Conway
Preston / Fall City, WA
latitude 47 32' 20" , longitude -121 54' 42"

robin_birder at hotmail.com

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 12:32:54 -0700
From: rchapanis.fun at gmail.com
To: tweeters at u.washington.edu
Subject: [Tweeters] Purple finches anyone?

I haven't seen purple finches in years. (I used to see tons of 'em
around my feeders, but no more...) I've been watching this list closely,
but I don't recall seeing any mention of purple finches. Has anyone seen
them? If so, where and when?

Roger Chapanis

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