[Tweeters] Purple Finches

Gary or Diana Cummins casacummins at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 12:29:02 PDT 2008

Hi...for those seeking Purple finches there seems to be a lot of them out
here on the Peninsula. We¹re about 6 miles South of Port Townsend on Rt 20
and about 180 feet above Discovery Bay. We¹ve had Purple finches pretty
much all year, but especially from March on. I¹ve not done an actual count
but there¹s probably 8 ­ 10 that are regulars at our feeders along with
slightly fewer numbers of House finches, larger numbers of Goldfinches and
much larger numbers of Pine siskins. Right now the Black-Headed grosbeaks
are dominating the feeders and keeping the finches at the thistle feeders

Gary Cummins

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