[Tweeters] Where are those Purple Finches?

David Dilworth daviddilworth at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 14:43:05 PDT 2008

Vaughn Bay - Key Peninsula

They are not regular, but I see some every few days.
There was one on the feeder this morning when I headed
to work. House Finches are more common in my yard.
Purple Finches have been around for several weeks off
and on.

Maybe you should call them. I took my computer out in
the yard and played some Black-headed Grosbeak sounds
because I hadn't seen any. Three showed up in a matter
of minutes. I showed them the sunflower seeds and
they've been regular for weeks now.

I'm missing the little beep beep of Red-breasted
Nuthatches. They used to be regular visitors, but I
haven't seen any or been able to call any this year.

David Dilworth (AKA Bird Nerd)
Vaughn, Washington USA
daviddilworth at yahoo.com
Creating Bird Nerds Through Education

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