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Hi Bill and Everyone,

Bill Clemons and Jeff Kozma brought up woodpecker territorial interaction. At the Elk Heights Burn in mid-May, I witnessed this behavior between two HAIRY WOODPECKER males, who persisted in the behavior for a good ten minutes. I had my camera with me and so was able to get a number of images, although still photos of course don't really do much justice to the intense and highly choreographed live behavior. But the following link at http://www.tubbsphoto.com/-/tubbsphoto/detail.asp?photoID=6321623&cat=38983 will give some idea of the posture Bill described in his first post. In this case, the birds are two male Hairy Woodpeckers. There was no doubt when watching this behavior that its intent was aggressive, though as Jeff commented, no actual physical contact ensued. However, the birds did this, "I'm badder than YOU are!!" "Oh, YEAH, no you're NOT!!" routine quite aggressively and would go from tree to tree repeating it, although they stayed in the same general area th!
at the
confrontation first occurred.


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