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This bird has been sited in Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. He is calling it a
woodcock and it is in Russia. Is there a more modern name for this bird?
here are the quote:

"They heard a high, distant whistling, and two seconds later, in the usual
rhythm so well known to hunters, a second, a third, and after the third
whistle came a chirring."

"...chirring sounds, like the measured ripping of taut fabric, were just
above his ears; the bird's long beak and neck could already be seen..."

"...they heard a quick succession of piercing whistles. Two woodcock,
playing and chasing each other and only whistling, not chirring, came flying
right over the hunters' heads. four shots rang out and, like swallows, the
woodcock made a quick swerve and vanished from sight."

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