[Tweeters] Indigo Bunting at Emerald Downs

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 09:35:48 PDT 2008

Hi Guy and Tweeters,

I admit to being a poor direction giver, with road names I am hopeless. Sorry about this but I will try to elaborate more here. The road where the bunting is directly parallels and runs directly alongside of Hwy 167. From the north the 15 th street exit go east. The very first left goes right back onto the freeway, don't do this! I have done this more times than I want to admit trying to get to this birding area. You will say some not very nice words when you find yourself back on the freeway! The second left takes you onto a street that I do not know the name of but once you curve down into the flat there is a business on the right with a very random but useful garbage can right by the road. Then there is a windbreak of trees on the right. You will be directly alongside 167 at this point. By the tree windbreak is a pull out. I stopped there first and did not find the bunting. Further down past a canal or stream is a second deep and
rectangular shaped pull out on the right. Looking to the east you can see the Emerald Downs building in the distance. Looking closer in you can see a large pond and even closer offset slightly to the right is some shrubbery maybe 100 feet out. I saw the bunting in this shrubbery and also in a shrub very close to me directly to the right and it also went into some blackberry bushes far to the left where I never actually saw the bird.

Good luck everyone and I hope these supplemental directions help!

Roosting in Kent, near Lake Meridian
(chukarbird at yahoo dot com)

--- On Thu, 6/12/08, Guy McWethy <lguy_mcw at yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: Guy McWethy <lguy_mcw at yahoo.com>

> Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Indigo Bunting at Emerald Downs

> To: chukarbird at yahoo.com

> Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008, 9:17 AM

> Hey Kathy,

> So is the 2nd exit off 15th the 'M' Street exit

> (which is the 2nd if you count the freeway on-ramp), or the

> next one (which goes past Emerald Downs)?

> Did you find the Avocet? I've been out looking twice

> on 204th myself! ;)


> I will probably drop down the hill over lunch to look for

> the Bunting ...


> Guy McWethy

> Renton, WA

> mailto: lguy_mcw at yahoo.com



> --- On Wed, 6/11/08, Kathy Andrich

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> > From: Kathy Andrich <chukarbird at yahoo.com>

> > Subject: [Tweeters] Indigo Bunting at Emerald Downs

> > To: "tweet"

> <tweeters at u.washington.edu>

> > Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 7:45 PM

> > Hi Tweeters,

> >

> > Tonight I saw a male Indigo Bunting at Emerald Downs

> in

> > Auburn. It was associating loosely with House Finches

> near

> > the second pull out where you can first view the big

> pond

> > past the stream.

> >

> > It was not found by me but reported to me by Sandy and

> > Kevin who hosted the gray headed form of the Dark-eyed

> > Junco a few years ago. I think they live in Enumclaw

> if I

> > remember right, I do not have their last name. I

> > fortutiously ran into them where the American Avocet

> was

> > last seen in Kent and they told me about this bird.

> It was

> > a life bird for both of them.

> >

> > To get there take 167 to the north end of Auburn, take

> the

> > Emerald Downs, 15th street exit, head east. From the

> north

> > it is the second left then go past the first pull out

> that

> > is by the edge of the field and down to the second

> pull

> > out. It was quite active and might take awhile to

> find, I

> > first saw it in flight. It looked to be a deeper blue

> than

> > the one in Walla Walla, I got some document type

> digiscopes

> > of it.

> >

> > Kathy

> > Roosting in Kent, near Lake Meridian

> > (chukarbird at yahoo dot com)

> >

> >

> >

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