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It looks like MerryLynn's original report of the BROWN THRASHER never made
it to Tweeters, so here it is..

Wayne C. Weber
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Hello all from MerryLynn,

I found a Brown Thrasher this morning in the Fort Walla Walla Natural Area -

yes I know just AFTER the WOS convention!! Having no camera at this time I
quickly called George Jameson our Audubon President and an excellent
photographer - he came right over and we did manage to see it fly but he was

not able to get any photos after 2 hours of trying. Mike and I will be
trying for it again this evening around 7 - he won't get off work until

This is of course a first record for Walla Walla county. The Natural Area is

just north of Fort Walla Walla Park and Museum off Myra road which runs
north and south between Walla Walla and College Place off Rose Street from
the north. You turn up the hill across from the cemetery and park in the
dirt/weed/bark area and walk to the east and then the trail turns north to
an OLD barn dating back to Fort Walla Walla. The thrasher was first detected

south of the barn then flew into the Russian Olive tree north of the barn
then back south and we last saw it fly north towards the cottonwood grove in

the northeast corner. When I first located this bird it was singing and
actually went up in the russian olive tree and sang - so I am hoping it
thinks it is on territory and stays around.
The weather here now is beautiful and sunny and warm - but the mountains are

still very white with fresh snow.
I will post any update on sighting of this bird -

Happily, MerryLynn

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
1354 S. E. Central Ave.
College Place, WA 99324
509.529.0080 (h)


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