[Tweeters] very late migrant?

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Dennis, Tweeters,

I was actually unaware that they only migrated through. The Pacific-slopes in our neighborhood stay all summer so I just assumed that they also breed here. I also assume that they are the same bird(s) all summer because they are seen and heard on a daily basis and not just sporadically. The forest in our neighborhood is a mix of evergreen/deciduous trees located in several deep ravines. If I am mistaken, then where do they normally breed?

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To: tweeters at u.washington.eduFrom: dennispaulson at comcast.netDate: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 16:08:37 -0700Subject: [Tweeters] very late migrant?
Hello, tweeters.
There was just a Pacific-slope Flycatcher at our fountain, duking it out with a female Anna's Hummingbird. The hummer won, of course, but the flycatcher came back when the hummer left.

I have never had any indication that this flycatcher breeds in our neighborhood, so I assume it's a late migrant (June 14), perhaps kept out of the breeding grounds because of the cool weather and late snows like so many others apparently have been. All other sightings of this species in our yard have been in the fall, from July 29 - September 20 in 9 other years. I've seen Willow Flycatcher four times (once on June 7), Hammond's twice, and Dusky twice in 17 years.

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