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Greetings All

Jeff, since I don't know where in Everett you live, it is hard to be certain of my response, but I suspect that there are few areas in Everett that are that far from breeding Pac Slope Flycatchers. They breed along the ravines facing the water in Everett and Mukilteo (Forest Park, Howarth Park, Powdermill Gulch, etc), they breed on the southwest corner of Spencer Island, and I suspect there are several areas in se. Everett that still harbor habitat (like around Ruggs Lake).

Indeed, it is surprising how many species hold territories up ravines like Powedermill and Japanese Gulch. These include birds like Hammond's Fly and Red-eyed Vireo. As Boeing develops more of the upland areas that connect these ravines, numbers and diversity does seem to be dropping. Nonetheless, a recent one mile walk up Powdermill revealed 10 or more of each of the following: BH Grosbeak, Western Tan, Song Sparrow, BC Chickadee, Wilson's Warbler, Swainson's Thrush, Am Robin.... I'm sure the list is not complete. There were also 5-10 WW Pewee, OS Fly, and PS Fly each, several Warbling Vireos and Winter Wrens (earlier, when singing, there are many, many Winter Wrens here), a few Bewick's Wrens, Black-throated Gray Warblers....

This was with very little effort.

How long this will all persist????
I do think the development of bigleaf maple woodlands between ravines will have a very negative impact over time.

Steve Mlodinow
Everett WA
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