[Tweeters] migrants, how do they do it?

Eugene and Nancy Hunn enhunn323 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 23 08:57:25 PDT 2008


I was up in the snow yesterday near Naches Pass at about 5000 feet where
last year there were many MacGillivray's and other warblers. Yesterday there
were none. Lots of Varied and Hermit Thrushes, juncos, and Fox Sparrows and
a single Audubon's Warbler and a few Townsend's down around 4000 feet.
Question is, since MacGillivray's, for example, are on territory 10 miles
away but 4000 feet below here by late April where do the warblers that breed
at higher elevations go meanwhile? Are there subpopulations that have
migratory clocks set to the higher elevation conditions so that they migrate
later or do they all arrive about the same time and some hang out off
territory at lower elevations until the snow melts and the montane habitat
opens up?

Puzzled in Seattle.

Gene Hunn

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Lake Forest Park, WA

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