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Subject: hummingbirds
From: "R. Victor Glick" <libbyvictor at yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, June 23, 2008 7:47 am
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-Tweeters: I am forwarding this email from Libby and Victor Glick about
their hummingbirds disappearing. Thier email and mine are attached.
There will be an additional post from them on this subject. Sure hope
someone has answers for them. Thank You. Meredith Spencr,

HI Meredith,

We asked Dennis Paulson about the hummingbirds, but he didn't have any
good idea. He did think we should post it on Tweeters for the record and
we wondered if you could do that for us?

Victor and I have been feeding hummingbirds for six

> years here.

> > Rufous and Calliopes arrive late March to mid-April,

> with Black-

> > chinneds coming in May. By June we are using 2-3

> gallons of sugar

> > water a day and fledgling Rufous and Calliope are

> appearing.

> > Usually we continue feeding at this amount until

> mid-late July when

> > there is a gradual dropoff until early September.

> Everything was

> > going as the other years until 6 days ago when we

> noticed a fairly

> > dramatic dropoff--and now we are using less than a

> quart a day. We

> > did see one sick Calliope male who seemed to be having

> difficulty

> > swallowing at the feeder, opened his bill a lot and

> scratching at

> > his neck--otherwise we haven't seen dead or sick

> birds. We are

> > fastidious about the feeders, cleaning with every

> change (usually

> > once or twice a day on these quart feeders). Several

> of our friends

> > in the Methow have lost all their hummingbird visitors

> and are

> > reporting zero hummingbirds. One of these

> > friends has been feeding hummingbirds here for close

> to 2 decades

> > and has never seen anything like this before.

> >

> > We haven't seen any other birds dying or sick or

> noticed decreases

> > in their numbers.

Has anyone else had a sudden decline at their feeders, particularly in
eastern WA?

> >


> >

> > Libby Schreiner & Victor Glick

> > Winthrop, WA

> > libbyvictor at yahoo.com

> >


> >

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