[Tweeters] Barred Owls in Woodland Park

Melissa 'Liss' Cain melissa at pixysticks.net
Wed Jun 25 14:35:20 PDT 2008

Zuckerbond wrote:

> Wednesday just before noon I was with my mom in Woodland Park, near the

> Zoo in Seattle, and we watched a beautiful pair of Barred Owls for 20

> minutes. We were about 200 yards south and a little east of the dog

> park. She had seen one of them earlier in the morning on a run, and when

> I heard that, I decided I needed to see them. When we got there, we

> could see one sitting in a tree eating a baby opossum. Then once we had

> scanned around some more, we found the mate sitting 2 branches above. A

> few minutes later the higher one dove down, grabbed the possum and flew

> a few trees away to eat it. Then they kept sharing the possum by flying

> from tree to tree and limb to limb, either giving the possum to the

> other one, or stealing it from each other. Also a really neat thing the

> owls would do is find a mossy spot on a tree limb, and rub their face

> along it, as if they were wiping off the dead possum goo!

I also saw a Barred Owl in the same general area at Woodland Park on
Saturday and took a few pictures.


Melissa Cain
Seattle, WA

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