[Tweeters] Juncos and mad hummingbirds

christopher anderson cdanders at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 26 20:34:29 PDT 2008

Howdy Tweets,

Speaking of juncos...I had a little female collecting some of my dog's hair from the back porch this morning (guess we should brush the dogs on the porch more often...). She had a whole beak full, looked like she had big ol' cat whiskers coming out each side of her head...pretty comical.

I also had a female rufous hummingbird mob a crow in the doug fir in my back yard this evening. She did multiple dive bombs on the crow and got him pretty mad. The crow gave a bit of vocal discontent and then scooted off! The hummingbird then went instantly to work on collecting insects or sap (too far up for me to see which with my naked eye) from around the cones in a particular portion of the tree (nearest to where the crow had been) and then bee-lined up towards the sky and away. Again, my dogs were involved - I had put them out in the yard and was throwing ball when I heard the squabble above. Wouldn't have witnessed it if it weren't for the hounds. Guess they deserve a biscuit for their good luck...kinda fun.


Chris Anderson

cdanders at hotmail dot com

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