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Hi Tweets:
I guess we may have Lazuli Buntings at Kent Ponds after all. And a male Northern
Harrier. Last Sunday the Kent Ponds census team birded at Kent Ponds. I sent a msg
on June 23 entitled "Kent & Auburn, 6-22-08. In the "lowlights" I said we had not
seen or heard Lazuli Buntings or Northern Harrier. But it was cool and breezy that
morning. In the late afternoon and early evening it warmed up.
Dan Dunphy was in the west meadow from 5:30 to 7:00 last Sunday. It sounds like he
was near the middle tower at a little knoll there. You have to walk out to it on the
trails from the main parking lot on the west side. He walked around to the left in a
circle. You also can walk around to the right. You will eventually get to the
middle tower area. It's probably about a 3/4 mile total loop.
Since it should be warmer this weekend, you might be able to see the Laz's if they
are still around.
Dan sent a msg yesterday, and I didn't receive it until last night. Here is what he
said. Thanks, Dan!
Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines, WA
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I don't get out much at all lately (kids/work, of course) but I did go
the Kent Ponds Sunday, 6/22 from about 5:30pm to 7pm. I parked on the
west side up by the dog kennels and park. I then walked in, took the
first fork to the left (north), next fork to the right (east), right
again (kinda SE) where you then can walk towards one of the viewing
towers [the middle tower]. There's kind of a dead end at a small rise and turn around
the maintenance vehicles. From that point you're looking towards the
water at clusters of small willows. Also from that point as you scan
from E to S to SW you see the tower and some taller trees. Anyway the buntings were
flying between the taller trees towards
the willows by the water. I did not go to the tower but kept to the
right heading back on a loop back toward the car. It was this area that
Male N Harrier glided right over my right shoulder; close enough to
spook me a bit.

A green heron also flew over me toward the river just as I was getting
back to the parking lot gate. There was a flycatcher calling a quite 2-3
syllable phrase but I never did see him in the short pines along the
west fencerow.

Dan Dunphy

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