[Tweeters] UBNA/Montlake Fill

Abby Larson larson8 at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 27 14:05:16 PDT 2008

Hi Tweets,

Yesterday (6/26) I saw what I think was a female blue-winged teal with
chicks. I could have gone either way, cinnamon or blue-winged, but
judging from the photos on pbase (thank you!) I'm leaning toward
blue-winged teal. She had visible blue patches while she was swimming
and walking, and no white around her eyes. Her bill was heavy, more
like a shoveler, without sharp points at the base. But really, I can't
say for sure.

Also, a female Bullock's Oriole flew over.

Great day for swallows and swifts! Northern rough-winged swallows, and
the Vaux's swifts were flying right in front of my nose, skimming the
ponds, nice and close.

Abby Larson

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