[Tweeters] wandering, and singing, juncos

Josh Hayes josh at blarg.net
Fri Jun 27 22:58:03 PDT 2008

> From: Dennis Paulson <dennispaulson at comcast.net>

> Subject: [Tweeters] wandering junco


> A male Dark-eyed Junco was just at our feeder for a few minutes. Here

> it is June 26, and I have never seen a junco here in the summer in 17

> years. My latest-ever spring date is May 5, earliest-ever fall date

> September 3. They breed here and there in Seattle, but not in my

> neighborhood.


> Would birds be so interesting if they didn't fly?

Dennis and tweets,

I may have already mentioned this on tweeters (I know I did over on
rec.birds), but this year for the first time I've heard juncos singing
nearly every day since they arrived in numbers back in Spring -- and last
week we started seeing little baby juncos hopping around.

They had my son flummoxed at first, since he thought they were ACTING like
juncos, but didn't LOOK like juncos, until we looked in our Peterson's and
saw the pic of the juvenile juncos.

So, they're breeding here, just across the interstate from you, Dennis (I
live near North Seattle Community College), for the first time since I've
lived here (fourteen years).

I wonder why? Nasty cold wet early summer in the mountains forcing them down

-Josh Hayes, josh at blarg.net

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