[Tweeters] Nisqually Blast from the Past & The Fill

David Dilworth daviddilworth at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 28 10:00:35 PDT 2008

Back 7 months ago I took these shots of a Mallard and American Wigeon at Nisqually - Nov 23 to be exact. I thought some of you may enjoy looking at them. Yes, I'm a bit behind in my photo processing!



Yesterday my friend Doug introduced this south sound birder (me) to The Fill. I know this isn't the best time to bird this location, but I was primarily checking it out for potential. I've heard so much about it, I wasn't disappointed, except for the grasses giving my allergies a fit. The wide-open grassy areas along with water environs here and there (not to mention Lake Washington) must provide some great duck watching. We saw mostly Mallards, and a few Gadwalls. There were plenty of Red-winged Blackbirds and Tree/Barn Swallows. Great Blue Herons sat majestically on tree stumps or limbs here and there. A Common Yellowthroat whizzed by us to provide just a glimpse. American Robins were commonly seen. There wasn't a great variety on this hot summer day, at mid-day none-the-less, but there was a lot of what there was. Oh, I can't forget the Canada Geese out on Lake Washington and several Bald-Eagles soaring above.

I now see what all the fuss is about this spot - right in the middle of a city - and plan to return in the Fall and Winter.
David Dilworth (AKA Bird Nerd)
Vaughn, Washington USA
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