[Tweeters] RED KNOT-orange leg flagged band-tulalip bay

michael bacon baconmf at verizonmail.com
Mon Jun 30 15:42:53 PDT 2008

hi tweeters-today at the spit on tulalip bay ,@ 2:30p.m ,tide coming in
quickly, there were 18 basic plumage BLACK BELLIED PLOVERS-with them was
a single breeding plumaged REDKNOT w/ a bright orange flag/band on its
left leg-i was about 35 yds. away,w/ binocs ,no scope + couldn't see any
#s on it-anyone who knows how to determine origin, please let me know-as
well there were about 35-40 WESTERN SANDPIPERS, many still in breeding
plumage-in contrast , at the same time + place yesterday ,there
were only 15 BBPL .-there are ~5 adult MARBLED MURRELETS+2 RHINOCEROUS
AUKLETS in the channel+~2 dozen PIGEON GUILLEMOTS on the s. side of
mission beach,flying to + from their cliff nest holes.-cheers,maxine
reid---tulalip bay,wa-mail to:baconmf at verizonmail.com

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