[Tweeters] RED KNOT-orange leg flagged band-tulalip bay

Mon Jun 30 16:08:52 PDT 2008


Red Knots were banded at Guerrero Negro, Baja, Mexico, in autumn 2006
and 2007, and in spring 2008. More than 400 knots have been banded and
marked. Each banded knot has a yellow band (the bands have a tab or
"flag", each with a numerical code) on the upper left leg and a single
red band on the lower left leg. Roughly 30 banded birds were observed
on the outer coast during northward migration this year (compared to 4
last year); I believe your observation is the first of a banded bird in
Puget Sound. Seeing the band number allows one to identify the
individual bird, but seeing the flag only is also valuable because it
indicates a bird from Mexico visited Tulalip Bay.

Joe Buchanan
buchajbb at dfw.wa.gov
Olympia, Washington

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