[Tweeters] 26 June posting re. "banded hummingbird"

Mark Myers myers5448 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:03:05 PDT 2008

I'm catching up on past tweeters and wanted to offer some clarification on
Chuck Reinsch's posting on 26 June. Bob Sargent was quoted:

"By the way, our banding associate Mr. Mark Myers who lives over in Bothell
has been banding them this year at a couple of sites on Whidbey Island. He
his wife Colleen are hummingbird crazy. Mark is the Curator of Birds (and
some mammals) at the Woodland Park Zoo. I think that is the correct name
of the
zoo. Martha and I visited and banded with him last summer. We banded
Rufous, Calliope and Broad-tailed and Black-chinned while we were operating
out of
their home. These a nice folks and were great trainees many years ago.
Mark is a longtime Master Bander and a member of our banding crew at Fort
Morgan, Alabama on our gulf coast."

During Bob and Martha Sargent's visit last year, we banded ANHU and RUHU in
the Seattle area. Fellow bander Dan Harville was kind enough to let us join
him at a favored site in Cle Elum, and that is where we focused on banding
large numbers of CAHU and RUHU. Following their visit, Bob and
Martha headed east to band with other banders in our group (Hummer/Bird
Study Group), where they were banding Broad-taileds and Black-chinneds. I
think the two areas blended into one in Bob's email.

So, as much as I'd like to say that I banded Broad-taileds at my home in
Bothell, I cannot. Trust me, if I'm ever that lucky, you can expect to
see a very excited posting pop up on Tweeters.....with plenty of photos and
measurements to back it up! And, of course, an invitation to check it out.

Mark Myers
Bothell, WA

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