FW: [Tweeters] Fate of nesting pied-billed grebes in the Arboretum

Eric Kowalczyk aceros at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 30 21:19:44 PDT 2008

Just speculation here: I was watching a pair of nesting grebes just south
of Montlake Play Field. They had a minimal nest that was very low to the
water level. One day it was gone. I would guess rising water levels from
snow melt basically flooded the nest.


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> Subject: [Tweeters] Fate of nesting pied-billed grebes in the Arboretum


> Hi Tweets,

> I'm wondering whether any of you can explain what's happened to the many

> Pied-Billed Grebes who were nesting in the Arboretum this spring.


> About a month or so ago, I saw many of them nesting there, and eagerly

> awaited the arrival of their babies. I've gone back several times since,


> have not seen any Pied-Billed mamas with babies either in tow or on their

> backs.


> I'm wondering if they couldn't handle the stress of the human traffic in


> area.


> Thanks,


> Tina Blade

> Kirkland, WA

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