[Tweeters] Birds in the News 129 (link)

Devorah Bennu birdologist at yahoo.com
Mon May 5 11:10:46 PDT 2008

hey tweeties,

this week's edition of Birds in the News is now available. It features fellow tweeter, Eva Gerdts', lovely picture of the male mountain bluebird that visted Bainbridge Island in early April (can you tell that I love this image since I use it so much? Well, this will be the last time I use it, I promise!). The link;


I would also like to mention that this week's "image of the day" will feature a string of images that none of you have seen, snapped by my avicultural friend, John del Rio, who also is a talented bird photographer. The image of the day pops up at 3pm ET (noon, in tweeterland).

I also have some book reviews upcoming this week about some really excellent bird books that I will try to let you know about as soon as they are published on my site.

Happy birding,

Roosting high up a tree somewhere in Central Park, NYC

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