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Mon May 5 07:04:36 PDT 2008


A reminder of tonight's meeting of the Washington Ornithological Society. The program tonight is on the Pterodroma seabirds of Chile:

The Juan Fernandez Islands are a remote, oceanic archipelago, 670 km offshore from Valparaiso, Chile. The Juan Fernandez Petrel (Pterodroma externa) is one of two endemic seabirds on the archipelago, with the entire global population of one million pairs breeding on Alejandro Selkirk. In this talk, Ms. Smith will describe the foraging ecology of this species and present a photographic essay to highlight this beautiful archipelago and discuss some of the past and present conservation concerns facing the endemic fauna. Ms. Smith is a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, studying the foraging ecology and patterns of habitat use in breeding birds. She has studied seabirds and island ecosystems since 1997, with research spanning from the breeding biology of nesting seabirds to rare or unusual plant communities and the role of introduced species on islands. She currently serves on a recovery team in Canada to conserve seabird populations in the North Pacific.
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