[Tweeters] Everett Tanagers .

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun May 11 08:00:38 PDT 2008

The Western Tanager wave continues at my north Everett home. As I reported on may 8, there were 6 or more in my yard. Did'nt see any on may 9th, but yesterday my small Holly tree was 'full' of Tanagers, horking down the still remaining berries. Usually the Holly looks bright all by itself, but with 4 male Tanagers in view at the same time - a real color blow-out.
This morning ( its now 730 am) I've seen many soggy Tanagers all around my place ( its raining and barely above 41 degrees). Don't have any accurate numbers as they keep coming and going from all directions, but more than a dozen. In with the Tanagers were a pair of Wilson Warblers, a single Black- headed Grosbeak and a number of 'Audubon' warblers.
It may sound as if I live in the woods, but actually its just a standard 50 x 120 ft city lot in a fairly manicured urban neighborhood. I am blessed however with tall deciduous trees ( native dogwoods, and a big pie cherry) and various shrubs which seem to attract migrants.
As I write ,another load of Tanagers (3 -all female ) just piled into the holly out one window, and a bright "Audubon" warbler is drinking out of my gutter out the other window of my office. My house is a bird blind.

Jeff Gibson
Tanager Acres
Everett Wa

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