[Tweeters] Attn: Douglas Co. Birders...

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Mon May 12 21:46:23 PDT 2008

Tweets: I need help with the Doug. Co. bird list. I am really hurting on
shore birds. None of the lakes/ponds near me have a shoreline, they are
full to the brim. So far I only have Killdeer, Sandhill Crane, Avocet,
Spotted Sandpiper, Gr. Yellowlegs, Long-billed Curlew and Least Sandpiper.

If you have seen others could you please let me know the date and
location? It would be much appreciated. Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport,
WA. 98813 merdave at homenetnw.net

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