[Tweeters] mystery bird song

Josh Hayes josh at blarg.net
Wed May 14 12:13:55 PDT 2008

After your impressive ID of Snipe display for the previous sound query, I
thought I'd try this one.

I had a pair of somethings -- one in the front yard, one in the back,
singing back and forth to each other, but just when I got a look at the
first one it was flying off, and they haven't been back. I had the vague
impression of a finchy shape and about the size of a large finch, but no

The song was for all the world like the first three notes of the "Do, a
Deer" song -- doh rey mi, you know? Three rising notes on the scale, with a
little quaver to the note -- not the "person whistling" quality one hears in
the first few notes of a White-Crowned Sparrow song.

Any guesses?

-Josh in North Seattle (josh at blarg dot net)

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