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travelGirl travelgirl.fics at gmail.com
Mon May 26 16:08:55 PDT 2008

on satyrday, i was expecting to hit wenas, but decided against (for a lot of reasons). so, finding myself with a bit of spare time, i made the 50-minute drive up to snoqualmie pass at the invitation of chris caviezel to witness the side of his house.

or, more specifically, the line of hummingbird feeders that seems to attract hummingbirds from the next county over.

while i was there, i attempted to count individuals, and each time lost count at around 50 in the air at once. because they were extremely-well hidden in the evergreens surrounding, and (let's face it) they aren't the biggest targets on earth, it was difficult to make a definitive estimate, but my guesstimate was for at least 100 unique buzzbombs flying sorties to the array of feeders on the east and south of his home...

i was particular struck by the incredible diversity of gorget colours on the males (ranging from hints of green to flashy oranges and deepest black-reds), and the underneck markings on the females... my time was limited to less than two hours, and yet they kept coming.

on a side note: does anyone know who might be banding hummers that migrate through that area? i've got photos showing partial band numbers from at least three of these type-AAA flyers...

and, as per norms, there are more than a few photos of the hummers in the Photos of the Month gallery. Yes, many seem similar, but were kept as a record of the previously-mentioned diversity... one sequence in particular notes a perched male watching as a flying male comes in for liquid refreshment. my utmost thanks to mr caviezel for allowing me to visit...

i hope you enjoy!

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

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