[Tweeters] Steller's Jay nest

Margaret Saint Clair MargSC at comcast.net
Wed May 28 21:14:43 PDT 2008

To the unknown, previously interested party,

I recall (but not well) that someone posted on Tweeters at some point in the
last two years their interest in viewing Steller's Jay nests for a study. I
imagine by now that the study is likely completed, but in case there is
still an interest, I thought I'd post that there is a nest in my yard about
15 feet above my deck. It's not ideal for viewing (very frustrating for a
photographer) as they tucked it carefully under many small boughs of a
Western Red Cedar. Therefore, it is only visible from below. If you are
still interested, please contact me by email (margsc at comcast.net). I first
noticed the construction activity on 5/13, so I expect lots of noise within
a week.

Margaret Saint Clair


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