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I saw this same thing a few years ago. An adult eagle was postured with one wing that was bent and hanging in the Klickitat River Canyon in Klickitat County in late winter. Other wise the bird appeared normal and just perched there. Maybe it is a form of sunbathing???

Jeff Kozma

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Hi Tweets!~

Watching eagles day before yesterday, I noticed this one... Something appears to be wrong with the bird, and I hope some of our bird experts might know, or educate me as to what's REALLY going on with this one. I watched the birds for 2-3 hours, and this guy never moved... just stayed still. Each time I trained my lens on the bird, I saw this same disjointed pose.


Any ideas?

Also, I would welcome any recommendations regarding solid eagle reference books. I'm fortunate to be close to a location where I can watch them on a regular basis, and often up close. I'd like to learn more. Feel free to email me privately with your recommendations.

Thank you!


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