[Tweeters] Re: King County Nuthatch

Charlie Wright c.wright7 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 1 13:46:52 PDT 2008

Hi Steve and All,
My impression was also that the bird looks like those I see in eastern WA. I
went back to some video I've taken of aculeata at Woodland, Cowlitz County
and compared the Snoqualmie bird. The extremely long, slender bill of the
Snoqualmie bird is notably different from the moderate, slender bill of
aculeata I have videotaped. The birds I've seen in southwest Washington also
look pale dorsally, while the Snoqualmie bird looks fairly dark there like
eastern WA birds (tennuissima). That's just judging from the photos, though.
Charlie Wright
Bonney Lake, Washington

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