[Tweeters] Sightings: Disco and Maple Leaf

Jesse Ellis jme29 at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 2 08:55:34 PST 2008

Hey all-

First off, a couple of sightings from our yard/neighborhood in Maple
Leaf over the past week or so:

On the 25th, we briefly had a Western Meadowlark land in the top of
one of our nearby Douglas Firs and take off again with a rattle!

And an update to Simone's earlier post of a Peregrine at the Maple
Leaf watertower: on Thursday Oct 30 I saw a Peregrine flying back and
forth near the tower. I went outside and saw that it was harassing a
second peregrine which was hiding behind a metal guard rail. The
harasser kept at it for at least 5 minutes, back and forth, making
some vocalizations I hadn't heard before, occasionally landing on the
nearby cell tower, and then heading back. Only once did the other
Peregrine move, simply to shift positions at its safe location.

Friday the 31st saw both FOS Bufflehead and FOS Common Mergansers at
Carkeek Park in Seattle, in decent numbers.

Yesterday Nov 1 we had a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at Discovery Park, as well.

Jesse Ellis
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