[Tweeters] GEESE UPDATE!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sun Nov 2 07:32:55 PST 2008

heel Tweeters,
I decided to drive again to the Aberdeen Bishop Athletic Field to trying to
get some photos of the smaller Geese we had on Thursday. I saw a group of
about 20 Geese flying in the air settling in the spot where we had all the
many Geese before,but there where all the regular White -fronted Geese.I
noticed that the Wolf figure was going,and since the confession stand was
open,I ask what happen with the wolf and mention the many Geese we had on
Thursday. There told that so many people was going and looking close and
that all this Geese flew off.There was no reason to staying around ,so I
decided to driving to Westport for the Dickcissel.Since I know this area so
well being birding there for so many times.There where about seven birders
standing being there as early as 8,00 AM.I join the group for a while,but
after 2.00 PM after seeing all the many House Sparrows mixed with few
White-crowned Sparrows,we all was wondering what was sighted ,a
Adult,female, ore a Juvenile Dickcissel?We all left about the same time at
around three with not seeing this bird.I was stopping one time more at the
Aberdeen Bishop Athletic complex,and I discover the Wolf figure was
back.There where different group of Geese again,only 10 Greater White
fronted including 8 Canada and 12 Cackling.So Geese are really shifting fast
and don't staying around .

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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