[Tweeters] Snoqualmie's White-breasted Nuthatch

Jim%20Flynn merlinmania at comcast.net
Sun Nov 2 21:42:39 PST 2008

Hi Tweets,

Just a quick note to let you know that the White-breasted Nuthatch was still present in downtown Snoqualmie early this afternoon. I saw the bird in exactly the same yard that Brian Bell saw it in on Saturday, at 8428 Maple (Street?).

The bird was foraging near eye level in the Deodora Cedar, which is the large-trunked conifer right next to the road. I talked to the man who lived there when he came out. People who live on little dead-end streets aren't used to seeing strangers standing in front of their house for extended periods - especially ones with binoculars - but he was really nice and interested in what the bird was.

Like all male White-breasted Nuthatches its a really sharp-looking bird with its snowy white underparts, blue-gray back and black cap. Thanks to those who have posted their sightings of this bird - this is certainly a bird I hadn't expected to see in King County. I seem to remember one at a golf course in Carnation, found by Hugh Jennings about 10-12 years ago - but I think that sighting was a "one-off". It was fun to have a twitchable one.

good birding,

Jim Flynn

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