[Tweeters] Discovery Park 11/5

Mark Vernon ma_vern at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 15:45:29 PST 2008

Today at Discovery Park there was much activity centered around ripe Madrona berries. Robins and Varied Thrushes were very busy eating them. Some trees were dominated by very vocal American Crows. I didn't know that they got into berry eating. I also found a Hermit Thrush at one Madrona tree. I didn't see as many Cedar Waxwings but there were a few.
The highlight of my walk was the sight of a Short-eared Owl flying in circles pursued by a big flock of Starlings. Several Crows joined in. This happened around noon. Perhaps these Crows were fueled by berry juice.

Mark Vernon
Renton, WA
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