[Tweeters] singing in slow motion, genius birds, and mystery birds (links)

Devorah Bennu birdologist at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 07:22:56 PST 2008

hello tweets,

you'll be fascinated to read this story about how two MIT researchers figured out where the "biological metronome" is located in a songbird's brain -- a region that regulates the rhythm of the bird's song (and why this information is important to humans). This story also includes live streaming links to the researchers' actual data;


I also found a National Geographic video of Bernd Heinrich's studies that reveal the creative problem-solving abilities of ravens;


The most recently demystified mystery bird was a Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Stelgidopteryx serripennis, as some of you correctly identified;


Rick Wright has written an informative "analysis" for identifying this species when there are so many others that one can choose from.

Thanks to photographer, Joseph Kennedy, today's mystery bird can be viewed here;



Roosting high up a tree somewhere in Central Park, NYC

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