[Tweeters] Alki point harlequins today 11/16/08

Bob Kothenbeutel viper.bob at verizon.net
Mon Nov 17 00:46:19 PST 2008

There were more HARLEQUIN DUCKS just south of Alki Point in west Seattle
today than I have ever seen there before. I counted 12. It was high tide at
about 8:00AM and I sat on a rock right next to the water's edge not far from
the small rock jetty. Luck was on my side as a kayaker came by and drove the
harlequins toward me allowing some close-up photos - the closest I have ever
been to these gorgeous ducks. I put a photo up on my website
www.photos.rlkimages.com <http://www.photos.rlkimages.com/> - click on
"last upload". As I sat there 2 BLACK TURNSTONES walk up to within 5 feet of
me and several SANDERLINGS wandered about at close range as well. An
AMMERICAN MERGANSER female landed right in front of me as well and I will
have a picture of her up soon. I had hoped to get some scoter shots also but
none appeared.

By the way, if anyone knows where I might locate some LONG_TAILED DUCKS I
would love to get some photos of them.

Bob Kothenbeutel



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