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Sun Nov 23 20:52:53 PST 2008

Good evening all,
We made the trip up to Fir Island yesterday. There were quite a few birders out on the cool but dry day. There were lots of Trumpeter Swans in small groups, the closest were behind the church very close to the Conway exit off I-5. We saw one very large flock of Snow Geese but they were quite a way from all the roads but just seeing them fly as a large flock is quite a site to see. We were going to walk around the slough but the sound the shotguns made us change our minds. We drove down to the dike along the bay to watch more swans when a large flock of Plovers flew in as the tide was just going out. There were a few young eagles in the area so the plovers didn't stay in one place for long. While we were watching the swans in the field we saw a Northern Shrike fly in and land in a near by tree. It stayed just long enough to get a couple of distant pictures.

We left there and went down Rawlings (?) road and went on that dike and saw a couple of Norther Harriers. In the distance we saw several other birds that we finally identified at Short Eared Owls. I think there were 3 all interacting with each other. They didn't get close enough for even a bad picture. We may try again next weekend if the weather holds. All total I think we saw 7 or 8 Bald Eagles, 2 adult pairs and several juveniles. It was nice talking to everyone we met.

One last thing, we have at least 4 Stellar's Jay at my feeder every day, one is quite a bit lighter than the others with a light mark over each eye and a small light mark on it's back. I'm trying to get a good picture of it next to one of the others to compare it to, but they are a lot faster than I am so wish me luck.
Have a good evening
D. Lewis
North Bend, WA
Debbsstuffat comcast.net

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