[Tweeters] RFI: Seattle-Olympia visit

gconigl3 at rochester.rr.com gconigl3 at rochester.rr.com
Wed Nov 26 07:26:05 PST 2008

Hello everyone! I will be briefly in Seattle and Olympia roughly Sunday - Tuesday. Arrival on Sunday is 2pm so not sure there will be time, and I am with a group so I would have to sneak away for birding (Monday AM quick)

I was wondering about target species for photographing, that would be in close proximity to Olympia, or Seattle...

Rock Sandpiper (and other good pipers around this time of year?)
Golden Crowned Sparrow
Red-Breasted Sapsucker
Varied Thrush
Northern Shrike (is this typical in Discovery park?)

Thanks for your help! Any other notables in the SEA immediate vicinity? I won't have much time, so I won't have time to go to some of the further out cool places this time (for example, would love to go to the coast, but not enough free time)

Thanks for your help and good birding!
Greg Coniglio
Buffalo NY

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