[Tweeters] Palm Warbler - Yes

Janeanne Houston janeannesoprano at comcast.net
Sat Nov 29 15:14:31 PST 2008

Hi Tweets,
I got a good look at the Cedar River Palm Warbler at about 1:40 this
afternoon. First spotted it in a Mugo Pine on the "grassy knoll" near the
fence opposite a white fire hydrant. It then it into the largest Willow by
the concrete boat ramp. It then flew from the Willow to a different planting
of two Pines. It dropped down, and we lost it. Hope everyone else who was
looking got to see it later.

Thanks to all who have kept us up to date on this, and thank you to Kathy
Andrich for finding it. A lifer bird for us.

Janeanne Houston
West Seattle

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