[Tweeters] Brady Loop Today!!!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sat Nov 29 22:03:08 PST 2008

Hello Tweeters,
Beside looking for the Red Shouldered Hawk,I birdied all day,and had quite
few good birds.I left Tacoma dry,but the rain and some fog started already
around Mud Bay.I started at the south end of Brady but the only bird I had
here was a light morph Red-tailed Hawk, who locked stunning ,he landed next
to the big Farm house in the Huge tree,but one of this Kestrel did not
allowed the bird to stay,it was instant attack.It was a real good day for
Raptures with 3 Adult Bald Eagle,6 Marsh Hawks(all females)1 ROUGH-LEGGED
HAWK(first for Brady) seeing at the same place close to the Ducks Unlimited
on a tall Bush,
I saw this bird all day driving the loop.1 Adult Coopers Hawk and 1 immature
Coopers Hawk
Red-tailed Hawks 12
AM. Kestrel 5., Merlin 1
On Foster Road on the first slew to the right a bright SWAMP SPARROW, 2
25 MEADOWLARKS flying out of the trees close to the WILLIS field for Model
Airplanes in to the yellow Grass.(there was flying fort and back,Again I had
high count on Dark-eyed Juncos 40 birds
There where two BIG GROUPS of TRUMPETER SWANS ( South Brady) 85 Swans, North
Brady THERE WHERE CLOSE TO 100 SWANS (All Trumpeter)
I found a excellent Photo of the Gray Form of the Ruffed Grouse I had late
week,The photo is shown on page 283 of the Masterguide to Birding.There are
three volume,this specimen is manly sighted on the Eastside of Washington.I
am so tired
by now I can hardly keep my eyes open.
Forgot to mention the Ducks I had on Schafer Road ,Wigeon 16, Northern
Shoveler 4,White-fronted Geese 2,
To mention the many cackling Geese around 125, on 75 Brewers
Blackbirds.Am.Robin 8.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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