[Tweeters] Montlake Fill, Discovery Park, ID Assistance Needed

Doug Parrott bird_cage at msn.com
Wed Nov 5 21:41:04 PST 2008

Today I visited the Union Bay Natural Area (The Fill) and Discovery Park. While at the Fill I ran into Connie Sidles she sighted three Northern Flicker's one of which we thought was a Yellow-shafted subspecies. I took a couple of photo's and would like the opinion of the TWEETERS world. Is it, or is it not, a Northern Flicker Yellow-shafted subspecies. Connie also alerted me to a Marsh Wren that was lingering nearby. Those photos are also available.

I then went to Discovery Park and the notables observed were, Varied Thrush (no photo), Bonaparte Gull's (no photo), and Common Loon. By the way Connie, thanks for the Bushtit gender lesson.

Photo's available at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdhouse_wa/sets/72157608696517943/<http://www.flickr.com/photos/birdhouse_wa/sets/72157608696517943/>

Doug Parrott
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Edmonds Wa.

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