[Tweeters] Odd Red-tailed or Swainsons ???

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Thu Nov 27 11:08:12 PST 2008

hi groups ... HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!! ... I'm sitting here
sniffing cooking turkey while I work up yesterday's images taken at
Shillapoo Wildlife Area, south of Vancouver Lake ...

here's an odd marked Hawk ... odd to me anyways ... when I shot the
images I assumed Red-tailed ... however, looking at the images now I
realize I've never seen a Red-tailed with these type of markings ...
I'm referring to the high dark patches by the neck and all the white
markings on the head, especially the white "eyebrows" meeting above
the nose and under the eyes ... under-the-wings also doesn't look
like a Red-tailed ... looking at pictures online and through the
books, I'm thinking perhaps this is a juvenile Swainsons ??? ...
however, none of the range-maps in the books show the Swainsons in
this area, especially at the end of November.


help please ??? ... have I seen my first Swainson's or is it just an
odd-marked Red-tailed ??? ...


Lyn Topinka

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