[Tweeters] Skagit RUFF, Hart's Pass - 8-9 Oct 2008

Ryan Merrill rmerrill27 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 20:54:37 PDT 2008

Yes it's the four-letter code, but there shouldn't be any problems. I
spent yesterday birding the Stanwood/Skagit area before heading up to
Hart's Pass this morning and then back to Fir Island this evening.
The roads up to where the Northern Hawk Owl is weren't any problem
this morning. There were a couple inches of snow near the turnoff to
the Meadows Campground, but parking there at the intersection and
walking half a mile down the road worked well for me and the several
other birders who were there. The morning temperature up there was 22
degrees so dress warmly.

Greater White-fronted Geese were seemingly everywhere I went - even up
at Hart's Pass!

8 October 2008
Greater White-fronted Goose - 130 Boe Road, 40 Skagit WMA, 380 Jensen
Access, 18 Channel Drive, 220 West 90
Pacific Golden-Plover - 6 Wiley Road
Barn Owl - 1 flushed at Skagit WMA by barrage of gunshots
Violet-green Swallow - 10 Boe Road
Barn Swallow - 75 Boe Road
American Pipit - most everywhere including 150+ on Maupin Road
Yellow Warbler - 1 Skagit WMA
Common Yellowthroat - 1 Jensen Access
RUSTY BLACKBIRD - 1 continues on Wiley Road

9 October 2008
Greater White-fronted Goose - 13 migrating south, just east of Hart's Pass
SPRUCE GROUSE - 2 females on road within ten feet, about 3 miles down
from Meadows CG turnoff
Ruffed Grouse - 1 along road near Mazama
Bald Eagle - 1 Swamp Creek
Golden Eagle - 2 Rainy Pass
American Kestrel - 1 Swamp Creek
large falcon sp. - 1 Rainy Pass (likely Prairie), 1 Swamp Creek
NORTHERN HAWK OWL - 1 continues on the road into the Meadows CG. Sat
right along the road for 1.5 hours before it flew to various perches.
At one point a raven flew in and perched directly below it resulting
in a series of loud calls from the owl before the raven flew off.
Clark's Nutcracker - 1 Swamp Creek
Western Meadowlark - 1 at Swamp Creek in eastern Skagit County,
approximately 4000 feet elevation
Pine Grosbeak - 2 males eating ash berries, within ten feet, about 2
miles down from Meadows CG turnoff just down from a large pullout
WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL - 1 flyover about 2 miles down from Meadows CG turnoff

Greater White-fronted Goose - 320 Wiley Road, 450 Milltown Road, 80 Stanwood
Killdeer - 215 (!) Wiley Road
Pacific Golden-Plover - 2 Wiley Road
Pectoral Sandpiper - 14+ Wiley Road
RUFF - 1 Wiley Road, just the third record for Skagit County

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill
Kirkland, WA

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