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Late Anna's Hummingbird in PTGary,

At our home in West Seattle we feed Anna's Hummingbirds year-round. An occasional Rufous joins the party during their season here: February-July.

Paul Webster
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Hello all...
Back at my last National Park Service posting in West Virginia we often had a few late Ruby-throated hummers into October, and even an occasional Rufous. The accepted opinion then for those of us with feeders was to keep them up in order to accommodate the late-comers on their way south. I don't think we ever had one after mid-October but there were a few reports from nearby of some hummers sticking around nearly all winter (the National Arboretum in DC had one that stayed through the winter, assisted by a feeder under a 100-watt light in 2004).
At our new place just south of Port Townsend we still have a single female Anna's visiting our feeder despite several periods of cold rain and a pretty strong windstorm a few nights ago, and are concerned about this gal's future. We plan to keep the feeder going, probably bringing it in at night and replacing it in the mornings after the first frost but are interested to know if this is still considered the right thing to do. Does anyone know of any recent research on this?

Gary Cummins
Port Townsend
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