[Tweeters] re:question about land access

John Tharp jlt290 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 13:24:25 PDT 2008

I just recently moved to this area so I am not exceptionally familiar
with Washington laws, however I must say that I have seen the issue of
individuals going onto private land to view birds become a touchy issue on
several occasions back east. Regardless of state laws, it is always in the
best interest of the birding community to ask permission to access someones
land as to avoid angering the land owner and potentially giving a bad
perception of the birding community. It is also noted in the ABA's code of
ethics that birders should not enter private property without explicit
permission from the land owner. I don't intend to direct this at anyone in
particular, I just feel that being very careful with how we access private
property prevents problems with land owners, and if something exceptionally
rare shows up in the future we as a birding community are more apt to get
permission to access private land to view it if we have been very respectful
in the past. On a slightly birdier note, I have definitely noticed an
increase in migrants moving down the valley this past week. Always proves
interesting to see what will land in the top of the tree outside my 6th
floor office window.
Good Birding,

John Tharp
Auburn, WA
jlt290 at gmail.com

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