[Tweeters] American Tree Sparrow @ Montlake

Levine, Barron S LevineB at bsd405.org
Sun Oct 19 18:55:04 PDT 2008

An American Tree Sparrow was observed this afternoon at Montlake Fill by Kate Tillotson and me. The bird was seen in a willow on the eastern side of the pond that is closest to the soccer fields ( pond south-west of the main pond). Notable field marks were bicolored bill, buffy-clay color on the sides and flanks, pronounced white wing bars, slight rufous malar stripe, dark notched tail that has white edges.
My first Tree Sparrow in this part of the state, and I'm guessing it may generate some questions due to location and time of the year. I did not have a camera with me for documentation, so hopefully the bird will stick around and others will get to see it.

Barry Levine
levineb at bsd405.org

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