[Tweeters] Super Surber

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 02:54:06 PDT 2008

Hey tweets, Surber Drive continues to be very productive at the Fill.
Yesterday there was a Black-throated Gray Warbler there and two Western
Tanagers, among the regulars. A vee of six Double-crested Cormorants
flew into their roost below the hill, so they are back from eastern
Washington. Orange-crowned Warblers continue to migrate through the
Fill in numbers, but it can be hard to find them. The Three Raptors - a
Cooper's, a Peregrine, and a Merlin - continue to dominate the stage,
so the other birds are pretty wary. - Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com

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