[Tweeters] Grant Cnty, WA - Blackpoll Warbler

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Wed Sep 3 09:30:37 PDT 2008

Hi Tweets,

I ran into Brad Waggoner yesterday at Potholes State Park. Brad had a
BLACKPOLL WARBLER at Sentinel Gap yesterday morning. This area is along
SR-243 south of Schwana (see DeLorme pg 52, B-1). There are some large
concrete blocks on the west side of the highway. Park there and walk down
river along the riparian tract along the Columbia River. There were many
of the common warblers and vireos in this section as well.

Brad also had an immature PARASITIC JAEGER at Potholes State Park. The
park was also full of Townsend's, Yellow, Wilson's, and Yellow-rumped
Warblers and a multitude of Warbling Vireos. Over the lake were many
COMMON TERNS and about 2000 Western Grebes with a smattering of Clark's


Doug Schonewald
Moses Lake, WA

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