Kevin Purcell kevinpurcell at pobox.com
Wed Sep 3 15:18:53 PDT 2008

I was out in the Volunteer Park, Seattle this morning from 7am to
10am. Just wandering around. It was beautiful morning.

On the eastern side of the park (on 19th):

I saw 6 BAND TAILED PIGEON on top of one of the spruce (?) as a
group. The most dominant one (on the top most branch) was pecking at
the pair next to him. Eventually four departed. Remaining two sat in
the sun. They looked almost tan in the low sunlight. Largish pigeon
with yellow beak. Uniform coloring except for a mark on the nape of
the neck. No calls.

I saw a small flock (< 10) CEDAR WAXWING in a tree adjacent to 19th.
Obviously intruding on an ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD as it was hovering and
diving at the waxwings (with the Anna's loop).

At the reservoir the SPOTTED SANDPIPER was still around eating at the
northern edge until pestered by crows it flew across the water and
emitted some calls. This is the third time I've seen this bird here.

On a negative note (not a lot of negative reports on Tweeters) I've
been watching COOPER'S HAWK in the park for each the past 20 days.
Today was the first day I neither heard not saw a hawk even after
being in the park for almost three hours. Visited all of it's "usual"
perches but nothing seen (except for a couple of outermost Cooper's
Hawk tail feathers and some contour feathers beneath a favored perch
in an oak).

On a behavior note, I saw four STELLAR's JAYS flying from tree to
tree in sequence. I've seen a couple do this (nest hunting in spring)
but I've not seen four doing this before.

Other's seen: Northern Flickers, Brown Creeper, Nuthatch (heard),
Black-capped Chickadee,
Kevin Purcell
kevinpurcell at pobox.com

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