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Thu Sep 4 19:37:06 PDT 2008

Greeetings All

So, the "warbler-vireos" are excellent examples of the western race of
Warbling Vireo that we have in WA and tends to be poorly portrayed in many field
guides. In fall, juv w. Warbling Vireos often have a fair bit of yellow beneath.
With some added reflected light from leaves and sunlight, they can look
strikingly yellow beneath, as these birds are.

Today David Irons and I visited Port Susan Bay (TNC preserve), which was
fairly birdless as far as shorebirds go, but there were 2 Stilt Sandpipers and a
late Wilson's Phalarope there.

At the Everett Public Boat Launch off Marine View Drive (in the parking lot)
this pm there was a 2nd year, basic plumaged, hybrid Mew Gull x Ring-billed
Gull. Distinctly smaller than Ring-billeds present with a darkish eye. Mantle
similar in color to RBGU. Wing pattern in flight similar to RBGU. Bill stubbier
and more slender but some gonydeal angle. Bill dull fleshy color with broken
ring, feet not dull yellowish-olive. Head shape intermediate between RBGU and
MEGU. Brown mottling extends down sides onto belly. No tail band.

Steven Mlodinow

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