Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Thu Sep 4 23:59:51 PDT 2008

Hello Tweeters,
Today I made the long trip to the Smith and Bybee Wetlands in Portland
Oregon..This beautiful 2000-acre natural area is only 2 miles of I-5.I
don't remember this place ever been mention on OBOL.
I got there a little later than Wilson Cady and was first all alone ,having
no problem to finding the Little Blue Heron on the little Island with the
extreme size different with the Great Egrets.Patrick an I saw our first
Little Blue Heron on Crocket Lake in November 1989 and I had no comparison
between this two species.I was fortune to see this Little Heron flying from
the Island to get ready to feed,it was feeding so slow and delivered that
this is so well known by this species.Patrick and I was fortune on
September 02-06 in Ridgefield to see a Snowy Egret,where there was a
discussion going on it might be a Little Blue Heron.But I captured the
feeding behavior and there was no doubt at all that this bird was a Snowy
Egret..The distance is great and you almost must digiscoping to get a decent
photo of this Little Blue Heron.Hopeful that some of my photos I can put on
a later date on to my Website.What is also so amazing to seeing over 200
Pied -billed Grebes on this Wetland.Thank to Bill Clemens who sent me the
Beat direction of this Wetlands

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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